Rotary Youth Exchange

There are several international youth exchange programs, but none is like Rotary Youth Exchange! Our Rotary District’s program has been honored around the globe for its integrity, safety and opportunity. The program provides broadening, enlightening and worthwhile experiences for participating students, host families and Rotary Clubs. This program continues to be an excellent experience for high school students and an opportunity for them to spend a year abroad, living in another culture as part of a “family” and in everyday situations

  • The Rotary Clubs sponsor 30-40 high school students to study abroad and live with host families in a foreign country for one year.
  • Scholarships are available to qualifying students to cover a portion of the costs. Rotary also provides a monthly stipend to each student.
  • As a true exchange program, we host an equal number of students from 20 – 25 countries who come to District 7150 to study in the USA.
  • Each student has a Youth Exchange representative from his/her sponsoring Rotary Club living in the same community who provides day to day oversight of the club program and support to the student.

For more information, visit the District 7150 Youth Exchange website.

What past exchange students have to say…

Rainer Grass, inbound, Germany 1980-81

“My families of Camillus Rotary Club welcomed me each in its own way. As a sixteen year old Youth I had to cope with different expectations and was being presented with such a wide range of gifts that no single family of origin could ever provide. I still feel blessed to have been elected to live with the Kennels, the Shaikhs and the Oslers. If today I ever succeed in respecting and acknowledging different ways of life I owe this largely to my time with these Rotary people. Three times since 1981 I have returned to Syracuse and each time it felt like coming home. Today I am proud to call Don Osler a dear friend of mine. Thank You, Camillus Rotary Club!”

Autumn Frodelius, outbound, India 2012-2013

“Rotary means something different to everyone, but to me rotary means “family”. During my exchange year abroad in India 2012-2013, I became a part of so many people’s families and not just the host families that welcomed me into their homes. I became a part of my fellow exchangers’ family; I became a part of my host club’s member’s family; I became a part of my new-found friend’s family; I became a part of an international family. Rotary taught me a broader definition of what family is: the people we love. Thank you Camillus Rotary for letting me become a part of your family and giving me the opportunity to become a part of so many other families.”

Kimberly Osler Frodelius, outbound, Germany 1980-1981

“My Rotary exchange year continues to shape who I am today and how I view the world. Very simply, I would not be the person I am today without Rotary Youth Exchange. I am known for my creativity, my flexibility and my courage. All of these are a legacy of my experience abroad. It is my great honor to return to this club and offer my services toward a debt that I will never be able to repay. Thank you Camillus Rotary!”